Get tips on making better VR games straight from Viveport at XRDC

Don’t finalize your plans for XRDC in San Francisco later this month until you’ve looked over some of the standout sessions in the XRDC Partners track — especially the trio of intriguing talks presented by XRDC sponsor Viveport!

Attend XRDC 2018 to learn about AR/VR/MR for games, entertainment, healthcare, enterprise training, education, automotive, and innovative use cases across industries.

You’ll want to see these talks if you’re at all curious about the state and future of the VR market, as Viveport is HTC’s VR app store and one of the premier markets for VR games and entertainment. At XRDC, Viveport reps will be sharing what they’ve learned from Viveport, and offering insight into how you can apply those learnings to your next project.

In “Opening the Curtain on VR Success“, HTC Viveport president Rikard Steiber will share new announcements and open the books on Viveport’s VR marketplace to let developers know what types of titles are moving, when key marketing windows are, and missed opportunities when building for the VR market.

Viveport has over 1,500 PC VR titles, a first of its kind VR subscription service, and is rapidly expanding into mobile and stand-alone VR. With the industry still in its early growth stage, Steiber will provide a transparent view on keys to success and give an insider’s look into what makes a successful VR title!

And in “Developer Panel: Developing for the Standalone EcosystemViveport will dig into developing for standalone VR (i.e. VR headsets not tethered to a smartphone, PC, or other external device) and bring together a panel of developers across gaming, productivity, enterprise and music to discuss the benefits and challenges of developing for the VIVE Wave VR Open Platform.

Plus, HTC’s VP of business development Pearly Chen will be leading a dev panel on location-based entertainment titled, fittingly, “Developer Panel: Location-based Entertainment Best Practices“. In it, a group of leading location-based entertainment developers will discuss best practices for developing LBE experiences including successes, challenges and the road ahead. Don’t miss out!

XRDC is happening October 29th and 30th in San Francisco at the Westin St. Francis Hotel. Now that registration is open, you’ll want to look over XRDC passes and prices and register early to get the best deal!

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