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Training Track

No matter the setting, whether onboarding new employees at the office, in a lab, factory or on a construction site, immersive XR is revolutionizing the way people learn and collaborate. Attend sessions at XRDC to learn how augmented, virtual, and mixed reality make training of all kinds more accessible, affordable, personalized, and engaging. Gain insight and inspiration, and leave with new opportunities to leverage the growing investment and high adoption rate of immersive technologies in learning environments.

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Session Highlights

VR Training: A Hilton Hotels and SweetRush Case Study
John-Carlos Lozano (SweetRush)
Blaire Bhojwani (Hilton)

Hilton recently claimed the #1 spot on Fortune's 100 'Best Companies to Work For', and it's showing the world that learning innovation is a competitive advantage. Working with learning XR provider SweetRush SPARK, Hilton is pioneering VR learning experiences to address critical business objectives.

Join this session for an informative session that walks through two innovative, award-winning VR learning programs designed to help team members gain an understanding of and appreciation for their teammates and hotel guests. Using a variety of techniques (stereoscopic video, 3D environments, spatial audio, live actors, interactivity), these programs have proven to be effective at achieving the learning objectives and earning very positive learner reaction.

These case studies are a behind-the-scenes look at creating VR for corporate learning: the ideas, challenges, innovations, best practices, and lessons learned from start to finish, representing both the client and vendor perspective.