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Partners Track

Have or need a great tool, service, product, or platform that enables developers to create innovative augmented, virtual, or mixed reality experiences? The Partners Track aims to provide session content that enables companies to communicate the value of their tool or service and educate developers on how to use the latest technology.

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Session Highlights

Finch Technologies
Taking Control in XR - The Invisible Interface (Presented by Finch Technologies)
Gary Yamamoto (Finch Technologies)

The potential of XR is enormous— "landing on the moon" enormous. In order for XR to reach the mass market, we need to get to a place where the virtual world and real world intersect seamlessly. Technology reaches an inflection point and becomes invisible when it naturally meets the need of the average user, without them having to think about the "how", like in video and music streaming today. We need a "dream" user interface in XR that freely blends digital and physical worlds together precisely, in the palm of your hand, without thinking about how it works.

Finch Technologies
Online Safety in XR: Maintaining a Healthy Virtual Ecosystem (Presented by XR Association)

Immersive gaming and interactive social experiences are on the rise. The XR industry takes great care to build and maintain safe, comfortable, and respectful virtual spaces. Understanding that healthy virtual ecosystems cannot be maintained in a bubble, this panel will bring together industry leaders and outside experts to identify the tools needed to create safe spaces; discuss best practices; and shine a light on industry strategies for continuing to build trust in XR experiences. Join our collective brain trust of XR practitioners to learn about building a Metaverse that prioritizes online safety and inclusion.

IO Industries
Multi-Camera Recording Systems for XR (Presented by IO Industries)
Todd Seath (IO Industries)

In the expanding world of XR (VR, AR, VC) there is an ever increasing need/demand for more and more realistic assets to be captured. This demand in turn creates increased challenges in the overall workflow including the initial capture stage where the baseline images are captured. In this talk we will specifically be talking about the "Capture" stage and discussing a bit of the history, different types of solutions out there, as well as a number of the baseline challenges overall. We will also delve into several important factors around some different applications that we have seen to date.

Finch Technologies
The Latest Developer Opportunities in Virtual Reality (Presented by VIVEPORT)
Rikard Steiber (HTC Vive)

Whether you’re a developer for virtual reality, a VR enthusiast or just curious about where the industry is going, join Rikard Steiber to hear the latest from Viveport.