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Entertainment Track

Gain insights from experts developing immersive XR experiences for entertainment beyond games. Learn the best practices for design, implementation, and development of films, live events, museums, sporting events, and more.

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Session Highlights

Using AI to Create Interactive Digital Actors
Kevin He (Founder and CEO, DeepMotion)

Physical character interaction is hard to fake; whether it's between two in-world characters, between users and characters, or between a character or avatar and its environmental surroundings. Nevertheless, interaction is central to user-driven storytelling and building immersive VR and AR experiences that suspend disbelief. DeepMotion CEO, Kevin He, will discuss the challenges of, and science behind, building an interactive character authoring tool, as well as how companies can integrate intelligent character simulation into their own applications.

The Future of Location-Based VR Has to Include Everyone
Aaron Pulkka (Two Bit Circus)
Charlie Fink (Charlie Fink)
Daisy Berns (HTC, LBE News)
Anna Herbert (Riedeux)

The best VR experiences are designed to be enjoyed en masse, and include spectators not as passive observers, but as active participants in the fun! This session is designed to bring together leaders in the location-based entertainment (LBE) and virtual reality worlds. These leaders will explore how game developers and attraction managers can provide immersive experiences that lower the barriers to entry for newcomers and raise the profile of the quickly emerging industry.

'War Remains': Using LBE to Transport Audiences to WWI
Taylor Williams (Flight School Studio)
Mac Smith (Skywalker Sound)

What if location-based entertainment could provide new insight into the inconceivable realities of past wars? Through installations at the Tribeca Film Festival and in Austin, TX, 'War Remains' transported hundreds of people directly to the front lines of the First World War. Using floor rumblers, wind effects and special haptics, along with a touchable physical set and the narration of Hardcore History's Dan Carlin, 'War Remains' allows people to experience one of the most nightmarish wars in history like never before.

In this session, we share key lessons learned for designing an LBE during the year-long production of 'War Remains', created by MWM Immersive in collaboration with Dan Carlin, Flight School Studio, and Skywalker Sound. It is a deep dive into how we resolved design, audio, and technical challenges while maintaining a high level of historical accuracy – all within 650 square feet.

Case Study: Ubisoft's Escape Rooms
Cyril Voiron (Ubisoft Blue Byte)

Ubisoft Escape Games develops multiplayer room scale virtual reality escape rooms set in the best gaming world of Ubisoft, exclusively for the out-of-home entertainment industry. Having now 2 experiences commercially used by more than 200 partners in more than 35 countries around the world and working on a third experience, Cyril will share some of the choices made by the Düsseldorf based development team to launch in this new market. He will share data and learnings about the business and the operations of their VR Escape Rooms and how Ubisoft Escape Games sees its future.