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Conference Track for VR / AR in Brand Experience

Learn how marketers and interactive agencies are using VR and AR to create unique and memorable brand experiences. Virtual and augmented reality take brand immersion and customer engagement to a whole new level. Gain inspiration and find people & tools to help you make virtual reality a reality.

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VRDC Fall 2017 Session Highlights

Red Bull Air Race Case Study: Creating Branded Mixed Reality Content
Rick Davis (REWIND)

The development of the Microsoft HoloLens and MR opens the door to an entirely new world of communication possibilities. Its unique properties can enhance the surrounding world. While HoloLens app development in the enterprise space has been much reported, there are only a few in the world developing experiences in the entertainment space. Rick Davis from REWIND will deep dive into the thought and development process behind 'Flight Deck', a Red Bull Air Race MR experience. He'll discuss how the unique features of the device were leveraged, plus plans which will shape how fans in the future view the fastest motorsport on the planet. Join this lecture to learn about MR and the future of live sport.

Mobile VR Discovery and Monetization: Lessons from Daydream
Michael Almeraris (Google)

When building VR apps/games or creating great VR videos/stories, discovery and monetization are still open questions to the ecosystem. This talk will focus on best practices in mobile VR platform discovery and the various types of monetization strategies the Daydream team has seen among the 130+ apps that have launched on Daydream.

'NBA VR': Putting Fans Courtside with NBA Legends with Virtual Reality
'NBA VR': Putting Fans Courtside with NBA Legends with Virtual Reality
Aruna Inversin (Digital Domain)

This session will showcase the VR filmmaking breakthroughs behind the 'NBA VR' app, created by Digital Domain in partnership with NBA and Google for Daydream. The app features a new original series, 'House of Legends', placing viewers up close with former basketball legends in an immersive 360 digital universe. It also shows video on demand highlight reels and classic game footage. The talk will detail the team's immersive production techniques, including set reconstruction, stereoscopic movie atlases and proprietary camera systems, creating an immersive experience that brings viewers closer to the action both on and off the court.

Avoiding Demo Nightmares: Did You Just Reach Down My Blouse?
Serafina Pechan (Alkaline Games)

This talk stems from the many awkward and bumbling VR demos I experienced (and in some cases given). VR is unique in the development industry because it takes a population of mostly desk workers and asks them to physically interact with others at a near intimate level. When demoing VR, you are often standing very close, touching people's heads, eyes, ears, and hands. With VR there are tactile and body awareness skills needed to provide a graceful and seamless demo experience. This talk demonstrates the best (and worst) practices and strategies to implement (or avoid) during your own VR/AR demos.

Creating "Heads-Up" Narratives in AR: Lessons Learned
Rob Morgan (Playlines)
Dustin Freeman (Playlines)

As location-based AR enters the mainstream, veteran AR developer Dustin Freeman and interactive narrative designer Rob Morgan will discuss their experiences developing narrative-driven site-specific AR experiences, and demonstrate the enormous opportunities and unexpected pitfalls of location-based AR. Dustin and Rob will outline the design and technical tools they have developed working in location-based AR, demonstrate how narrative and gameplay can re-contextualize the user's environment to create immersion (without requiring expensive graphics), and finally will show the potential for growth in AR experiences that are fully integrated into cities, venues or conferences.