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Brand Experience Track

XR elevates brand immersion to a whole new level, allowing companies to create and share a comprehensive brand experience, helping to strengthen support from existing customers and develop new audiences from prospective customers. In the Brand Experience Track, learn directly from teams of creative developers and commercial experts about how their brands are applying XR tech to develop unique and exciting experiences that not only leave the viewer excited about the brand, but excited to share their experience with their social network.

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Session Highlights

Branded Marker Based AR Experiences
Peter Oberdorfer (TACTIC)

This talk will cover the foundation of telling effective stories in augmented reality and how to gain real user retention with mobile applications. Tactic has produced apps such as the '19 Crimes Series', 'The Walking Dead', 'Bogle AR', and just recently 'Jack Daniel's Augmented Reality'. This talk will navigate through brand product marketing in AR and how it will transform into web based experiences and 5G in the future.

In this session Tactic Producer, Peter Oberdorfer, will go over the depth of this brand story and technical creation by looking at Tactic's new Jack Daniel's AR App, which allows users to take a tour of the distillery, hear stories about Jack Daniel, or learn about how Old No. 7 is made with over 10 minutes of total content, told in short segments, right on the product. Tactic's platform records all of these interactions in real time, giving the brand a real time view of how users engage with their product.

The Future of Augmented Reality for Beauty Consumers and Retailers
Jennifer Tidy (ModiFace)

Gain insight into how the beauty industry is leveraging AR and AI. Over the last year ModiFace and L'Oreal have been rolling out innovative technologies for all L'Oreal brands on a global basis, connecting their consumers through omni-channel digital experiences that enhance the consumer journey. Catch a glimpse into the next generation innovations that are being developed and deployed for brands, and learn about how ModiFace has partnered with external partners in tech and retail to put this AR technology in the hands of every beauty consumer.

AR Advertising and Commerce: What's Working?
Mike Boland (ARtillery Intelligence)

Among all AR business models developing, advertising is one of the few already bearing fruit. Last year, $418 million was spent on AR advertising, and according to ARtillery Intelligence, the industry is projected to grow to $2.46 billion by 2022. So far, this mostly includes branded AR selfie lenses for fitting products like cosmetics, but categories will expand as AR continues to migrate to the rear-facing camera. Visual search will follow, led by Google, Pinterest and Snapchat, carrying the "high-intent" value that search is known for. But how will the industry get there? What's working today? How are consumers interacting with AR ads? How are business models developing? This session will answer all of these questions in a data-backed presentation that draws from ARtillery Intelligence's extensive research over the past year, and 15 years covering mobile and desktop advertising evolution.

The Creation of Childish Gambino's Pharos AR App
Dan Miller (Unity Technologies)
Miles Konstantin (Creative Technical Director, Childish Gambino)

Dan and Miles will provide attendees with an overview of the Pharos AR app, from conception to reality. They will describe the partnership between Childish Gambino and Unity, how they defined the app's goals and parameters. They will also demonstrate the technical features that were used to create the app, reveal the final product, and discuss results to date. Lastly, Dan will share how brands can design immersive experiences to create strong communities of super-fans without alienating the rest of the audience and bridge the gap between the novelty of AR and making it an impactful utility in today’s hyper-connected, overly-saturated market.