Automotive AR & VR Conference Track

The automotive industry is creating innovative applications for augmented and virtual reality at every step of the supply chain. Factories and warehouses use AR to train workers, optimize processes, and reduce mistakes to dramatically improve safety. International auto companies are quickly integrating visualization and AR & VR experiences into brand & marketing strategies and retail infrastructure, while in-car experiences help drivers navigate and improve safety.

XRDC 2018 Session Highlights

Mastering XR for Automotive
Chris O'Connor (ZeroLight)

This session will take an in depth look into the design, development and challenges encountered in the creation of various automotive XR experiences, including VR and AR projects for international brands like BMW, Porsche, Toyota, Nissan, Audi and Pagani. It will give an understanding of how such enterprise visualization solutions have been able to succeed while integrating perfectly with the client's brand activities and retail infrastructure.

VR Training Use Cases: BMW to American Football
Rosstin Murphy (STRIVR)

How will employees react to dangerous conditions on a disorganized factory floor, or an emotional interaction with a worried patient? Some situations are too critical, dangerous, risky, or rare for people to train for. STRIVR presents 4 real and diverse use-cases for training in VR: American pro football quarterback training, BMW factory floor mistakes, Emily Griffith Nursing interactions, and soft skills empathy training.

In this session, speakers Rosstin Murphy and Ginny Willis will rate VR training techniques such as hidden objects and choose-your-own-adventure on effectiveness in various situations, compare spherical video and CG as mediums, and discuss lessons learned from working with big clients.