ZED Mini emulates AR when attached to VR headsets

The ZED Mini is a small, stereo depth mapping camera which is designed to attach to VR headsets like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Created by Stereolabs Inc., the camera provides real-time depth and environment mapping.

The mount allows VR headsets to emulate future capabilities of more powerful commercial AR headsets like the HoloLens, which currently have a limited field of view when compared to VR.

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When attached to a headset, the ZED Mini camera simulates the experience that AR glasses will achieve in the future like a wide field of view and real-time tracking and environment mapping. The mount has two cameras spaced as 65 mm, allowing for pass-through stereo video into the VR headset.

According to a post from Road to VR the ZED Mini camera also compares two different images from each camera to build a depth-map of the scene, can detect depth to 15 meters, and also builds a geometric map of the environment in real time and fuses the data with an onboard IMU enabling positional tracking.

Preorders of the device are listed at $449.00, with plans to start shipping in November.