VRDC Sponsor Highlight: Intel’s ongoing efforts to support the work of VR developers

[In our ongoing effort to highlight VRDC’s Diamond sponsors and their efforts to support and nurture the flourishing VR/AR industry, today we’d like to quickly share a brief interview conducted with Intel’s Frank Soqui, general manager of the Virtual Reality & Gaming Group at Intel, and Lee Machen, who directs the global dev relations team that connects Intel with software companies in games and other media.

Below, Soqui and Machen speak to the exciting potential of VR, how Intel is investing in the future of VR tech/development, and what devs should know about Intel’s VR initiatives.] 

Can you introduce yourselves, and explain Intel’s goals and interests in the virtual reality business?

At Intel we are excited about VR and think it is one of the most exciting things to happen to computing in a decade. VR and AR have the potential to reshape entire industries with completely new and immersive experiences. Our latest Intel Core i7 processors for example provide the compute power for physics, artificial intelligence, audio effects and other key VR features. We are working with our software, hardware and ecosystem partners to deliver great VR to the market.

How is Intel approaching the bridge between VR for gaming and VR for other industries?

Game developers have long seen the incredible potential of high quality VR and have been some of the first to deliver compelling consumer applications. The size and enthusiasm of the consumer audience will help VR-related technologies mature and improve very quickly, bringing down the price and allowing other markets to embrace VR as well. Commercial VR uses are already showing promise in areas such as business collaboration, real estate, travel, government, retail and many others. We plan to be there with the core technologies powering VR experiences across all industries.

Now that VR is “here,” and people are able to buy virtual reality devices for themselves, what do you think is the next big leap in software or games that we’ll see appear on the market?

We really are at the very beginning of the explosion in VR and we have a lot more to do to make it available to everyone and create even more immersive experiences. We’re going to see a variety of new devices spanning multiple price points and enabling different experiences. We are going to see improvements in display technologies for more realistic and immersive visuals, computer vision technology to bring the real world into the virtual in a way that makes sense, and huge improvements in the social and shared aspects of VR. All of these are going to need even more computing performance to become reality and we are excited to be working with a variety of partners on expanding the reach and capabilities of VR.

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