As VR investment moves beyond games, content creators have big opportunity

According to analysis conducted by SuperData Research, companies are projected to invest $167 million toward enterprise VR in 2017.

That would be an estimated 14% boost over 2016’s $147 million in enterprise VR investment. Predictions for 2018 show an estimated $207 million being invested into enterprise VR, suggesting that companies are increasingly expanding the technology beyond video games.

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An estimated $206 million is projected to be invested into enterprise VR by companies in 2018, with an additional $4.6 billion predicted for research and development into the technology.

Based on the data provided, companies seem to be interested in investing funds toward VR services that will focus on education and healthcare purposes. Education has the greatest amount of demand from companies at 81% with healthcare at 70%,  but the current supply can’t meet the projected needs.

The percentage of content creators able to meet the requirements of VR in education and healthcare are only at 24% and 16% respectively. This shows that as VR continues to grow, there will be a heightened demand — and opportunity — for the technology to be used outside of games and into other institutions.

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