Viveport gifting devs 100% of revenue made over the holidays

HTC plans to mark the one-year anniversary of its Viveport virtual reality platform by letting developers keep 100 percent of revenue made from sales during the holidays.

More specifically, Viveport will be foregoing its platform fees from October through to the end of the year, allowing devs to take home every single penny.

To further commemorate the occasion, Vive is also rolling out a host of new platform features like the Scene SDK, which lets developers create immersive VR previews and skyboxes that can be streamed dynamically to viewers to boost engagement.

“Our research has shown that customers vastly prefer VR previews over screenshots and videos to inform their purchasing decision,” said Drew Bamford, corporate vice president of HTC Vive’s Creative Labs.

“We are thrilled that the Viveport Scene SDK will provide developers with a new avenue for discoverability and engagement on the Viveport store.”

The company is also pushing its Viveport Arcade Manager platform into open beta, and increasing the platform’s developer revenue share from 50 percent to 70 percent.

Arcade Manage is the HTC Vive’s propriety content management and distribution platform for devs and operators looking to build out-of-home VR experiences, such as VR arcades.

The software solution has been on trial with over 50 operators in more than 15 countries, and boasts a roster of over 700 titles.

This article originally appeared on Gamasutra.