Virtual Reality is Being Used to Train Retail Associates

Walmart has incorporated VR into their training program after being inspired by athletes who used the technology during practices to simulate in-game scenarios to test their skills and reactions.

After seeing the success that football players had with using VR to practice real-life scenarios in a controlled environment, senior director of central operations at Walmart Brock McKeel applied the same technology to training associates.

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McKeel has integrated VR training to 30 academies, posing the following question: “Wouldn’t it be helpful to understand the dynamics of such a busy day before you ever had to actually manage your associates and customers through it?”

Having trainees be able to experience handling a certain department on their own or a busy retail holiday through using VR first could help them learn to diffuse difficult situations without the accompanied stress.

Being trained inside of a headset adds the benefit of gaining real-life experience without the hassle of recreating challenging situations or disturbing the shopper. Being able to assess a scenario in VR and learn from experience in the simulated space seems to have benefits in terms of customer service.

“From our test, we’ve seen that associates who go through VR training retain what they’ve learned in those situations better than those who haven’t.”

To read more about how VR is being used to train retail associates, head over to Walmart’s blog.

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