Valve reveals SteamVR Knuckles controllers in new setup guide

Initially displayed during the company’s Steam Dev Days conference last October, Valve has released a guide detailing the specs of the new SteamVR Knuckles motion controllers.

The blog post features a color-coded button map of the controllers along with a reference as to where the users fingers should be placed while the device is being held. The diagram shows the controllers having multiple sensors that will allow for basic five-finger tracking, which current Vive motion controllersĀ lack.

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The post also provides gifs of the controllers being strapped on. A clamp is wrapped around the back of the user’s hand, allowing them to open and close their palm without the controllerĀ dropping or moving.

The controllers can be calibrated inside SteamVR Home, and if the application detects the user paired with Knuckles controllers, five fingers will show up. The device can be calibrated at any time while the controller is on, and will continually recalibrate automatically over the course of a play session as users reach out to grab or toss items.

There’s no need to go fast with play sessions either, as the SteamVR Knuckles controllers have a current battery life of 3 hours and take about an hour to reach full charge.

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