Resident Evil 7 doubled PlayStation VR session time, says Sony

It’s been roughly one year since Sony launched its console VR headset, the PlayStation VR. While the headset made waves early on by selling 1 million units after eight months, Sony has been largely quiet about the headset’s sales since, even as an updated model hits shelves.

Engadget recently published a story that digs into the state of VR both at the time of the PSVR’s launch and the current moment. The story in itself offers an interesting look at first console VR option, but a comment from Sony on what games seem to shine on console VR might be especially interesting to game developers

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Sony is releasing an updated PSVR headset later this month

Sony is preparing to release a new version of its PlayStation VR headset, which has sold over 1 million units since launching last October.

The updated headset will pack a few new features like a slimmer, streamlined connection cable, and a tweaked design that enables stereo headphone cables to be integrated directly with the device.

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Sony ‘not comfortable’ leading the VR charge, wants more competition

Sony Interactive Entertainment boss Andrew House wants to see more competition in the virtual reality sector, and says he’s uncomfortable with Sony being the market leader.

Speaking to Reuters, House suggested the virtual reality industry will struggle to win the hearts and minds of consumers unless its key players can level the playing field.

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Sony drops PlayStation VR bundle price

Sony announced in a blog post that the existing PlayStation VR Worlds bundle, which includes the PSVR headset, PS Camera, two PlayStation Move motion controllers and PlayStation VR Worlds, will retail for $449.00 starting September 1st — a $50 price drop.

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PlayStation VR Has Sold Over 1M Units Worldwide

Sony has sold over 1 million PlayStation VR headsets worldwide, according to the company’s global game development boss Shawn Layden.

He broke the news during an interview with Time, and explained that the $399 headset has been sold out since launching in October.

Given sales totaled 915,000 all the way back in February, it’s hardly surprising to hear the device has finally hit the million mark.

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Why comfort was the PSVR’s greatest challenge

Richard Marks, the head of Sony’s Magic Labs research and development wing, has been speaking to Glixel about the trials and tribulations that come with creating virtual reality tech.

The veteran research fellow was talking specifically about the creation of Sony’s PlayStation VR headset, which hit shelves last year and has since sold nearly 1 million units.

Winding back the clock to when the device was just a twinkle in Sony’s eye, Marks revealed his team’s first priority was creating a headset that was comfortable and user friendly.

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