Oculus links VR to Facebook with 3D posts

Revealed in an blog posted earlier in the week, Oculus has announced new ways in which social VR can be shared and experienced through connecting with Facebook with 3D posts, which will allow users to post 3D objects from the Oculus medium to Facebook as fully intractable objects.

As well as sharing content from Facebook Spaces, the new 3D media type can be engaged with through desktops and mobile phones as well.

Couldn’t make it to VRDC Fall 2017? Catch up on Gamasutra’s coverage of the show here!

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Facebook and Supercell team up to bring Clash of Clans Builder into AR

To commemorate the 5 year anniversary of Clash of Clans, Facebook and Supercell have collaborated to bring game character the Builder into AR using Facebook’s AR studio.

Using the Facebook camera players can put themselves into the perspective of the Builder and have his features superimposed over theirs, or switch views to place the character in the real world no matter the location.

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Exhibitor Q&A: Mike Booth of Facebook Spaces discusses the future of social VR

Facebook Spaces is currently in Beta, but the application boasts a new way for people to interact with each other through VR. Described as a virtual environment designed to facilitate a more immersive way to spend time with friends, Facebook Spaces allows virtual avatars to draw 3D objects with virtual markers, video call your friends outside of VR, and transport you to different places.

Mike Booth leads the Facebook Spaces team and will be attending VRDC Fall 2017. He’s scheduled to give the talk Creating Social Experiences in VR. Here, Booth discusses the work he does and what the future of VR looks like for Facebook.

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Facebook Spaces introduces live broadcasting for VR

Facebook Spaces has introduced the ability for live video inside VR with an update released today. Users can now share live video on Facebook from Facebook Spaces, allowing for friends and family to interact with and view the feed in 360 degrees.

Users have been able to stream live video through Facebook using Facebook Live, but the ability to do so in VR using Facebook Spaces opens a new avenue of interactivity for social VR.

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