Starbreeze hands majority control of StarVR to Acer

Starbreeze has handed majority control of its StarVR virtual reality platform over to Acer.

The pair initially joined forces in May last year, with Acer offering to help Starbreeze design, manufacture, promote, market, and eventually sell the headset.

At the time, both companies agreed to equally invest up to $25 million in the project. As of today, both have invested a combined $10 million, but Acer will be the sole investor moving forward.

Under a new agreement, Acer will inject another $5 million and increase its interest to 66.7 percent. Starbreeze will no longer be obligated to invest in the platform, but its interest will be reduced to 33.3 percent as a result.

As the majority owner, Acer will be in charge of finding future financing for StarVR should the need arise.

“VR is one of Acer’s key focus areas, as we continue to make huge strides across hardware, software and content development to unlock its potential,” said Acer chairman and CEO Jason Chen.

“The increase of Acer’s stake in StarVR underlines our commitment to the industry, and we look forward to continuing to deliver best-in-class VR experiences through our successful partnership with Starbreeze and ongoing technological innovation.”

Starbreeze, meanwhile, says it remains “fully dedicated to the field of virtual reality,” and will continue to push for innovation in the headset industry.

This article originally appeared on Gamasutra