Samsung Gear VR app Relumino aids the visually impaired

Relumino is a visual aid app available to Samsung Gear VR users with low vision. Working in conjunction with the rear camera on Samsung Galaxy smart phones, the VR application takes images captured and makes them visually-impaired friendly.

The app features different modes to cater to the needs of the user. Regular mode works by making the environment clear instead of blurry, while Color Invert mode displays text in high contrast so that reading is easier.

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 Through utilizing a range of features like magnifying and minimizing images, highlighting outlines, adjusting color contrasts and brightness, reversing color, and adding in screen color filtering, the app helps to improve the vision of its users.

For those suffering from a blind spot in vision or tunnel vision (the loss of peripheral vision with retention of central vision), Relumino aids by remapping unseen images to place in visible parts of the eye.

There are a few ways to install and use Relumino. Users can either request a verification code and then install the application from the Oculus app and redeem it through there or they can use their VR headset and run the application through selecting it in the store.

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