‘Project CloverVR’ announced as VR editing interface for Adobe Premiere Pro

It was announced at the Adobe MAX conference in Las Vegas that Project CloverVR, a VR editing interface for editing immersive media is now available for Premiere Pro as part of this week’s Creative Cloud release.

Users can utilize CloverVR and edit within Premiere while wearing a VR headset, no longer being constrained to a conventional monitor when editing immersive content.

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For those unfamiliar, Adobe Premiere is a video editing software. Editors who wished to created immersive video experiences would previously have to check their progress inside of a VR headset, as software designed for a conventional monitor would make it difficult to visualize images properly.

According to a post from RoadToVR, “CloverVR aims to improve the workflow for this type of content, allowing users to access familiar Premiere tools and timeline within VR, with the ability to perform edits using an interface optimized for motion controllers.”

The feature is available to anyone with Creative Cloud as part of this year’s Adobe MAX release.