Oculus + Touch bundle gets permanent price cut

Earlier this week, Oculus temporarily slashed the price of the Oculus + Touch bundle to $399, and now the company has pledged to introduce a permanent price cut after the six-week offer has ended.

Going forward, the virtual reality outfit will be making a similar package available for $499, meaning even those who miss out on the “Summer of Rift” sale will be able to grab a Rift on the cheap.

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When it first launched, the Oculus + Touch package cost around $799,  but back in March the bundle was repriced at $589, with Oculus keen to make “PC VR as affordable as possible.”

It’s worth pointing out that the $399 Summer of Rift bundle is slightly different to the soon-to-be-standard $499 option.

For instance, the $499 package doesn’t include an Xbox One wireless controller, Rock Band guitar connector, or a remote — all of which are included in the $399 bundle.

That said, it will include six free titles — Lucky’s TaleMediumToyboxQuillDead and Buried, and Robo Recall — which goes someway to making up for the lack of accessories.

Naturally, the $499 option (pictured below) will also include an Oculus Rift headset, two sensors, a pair of Touch controllers, and all of the necessary cables.

This article originally appeared on Gamasutra

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