Oculus slashes Rift price for second time this year

Oculus is cutting the price of its Rift virtual reality headset for six weeks, marking the second significant price reduction this year.

That means developers and consumers can grab a bundle that includes an Oculus Rift headset, two sensors, an Xbox One wireless controller, two Oculus Touch controllers, a Rock Band guitar connector, and a remote for $399, down about $200 from its normal price tag.

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Earlier this year, Oculus reduced the price of the same bundle to $598 in an attempt to make “PC VR as affordable as possible,” but it seems the company has decided to take even more off the top in a bid to win over those still on the fence.

Speaking to Reuters, Oculus vice president for content Jason Rubin said the company could’ve cut the price sooner, but wanted to wait until there were enough games, movies, and other media to support the device.

The HTC Vive, which is seen by many as the Rift’s most direct competitor, is still retailing for $799 at the time of writing.

Sony’s PlayStation VR headset, however, has retailed for $399 since it launched last October last year, and has sold over 1 million units to date.

This article originally appeared on Gamasutra

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