Oculus links VR to Facebook with 3D posts

Revealed in an blog posted earlier in the week, Oculus has announced new ways in which social VR can be shared and experienced through connecting with Facebook with 3D posts, which will allow users to post 3D objects from the Oculus medium to Facebook as fully intractable objects.

As well as sharing content from Facebook Spaces, the new 3D media type can be engaged with through desktops and mobile phones as well.

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“With the growth of 360° media and entirely new types of native VR content, the ecosystem continues to evolve. We want to help creators share these experiences, both in VR and beyond the confines of a headset.” writes Rachel Franklin, head of Facebook social VR.

In addition, users can also bring 3D objects from News Feed into Spaces, so that friends can continue to engage in VR. The blog also alludes to more VR content types in the future.