New Unreal Engine 4 update brings official ARKit and ARCore support

Epic Games updated its Unreal Engine to v. 4.18 this week, slipping in a smorgasbord of changes aimed at improving performance and giving devs more tools to make games across more platforms.

While this is chiefly of note to devs using UE4, it’s interesting to skim through the 4.18 release notes and see that Epic has added official support for two notable augmented reality platforms: Apple’s ARKit, and the developer preview version of Google’s ARCore.

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Experimental ARKit support was included in the 4.17 update Epic released in August, but no specific mention of ARCore support was made at the time — presumably because the dev preview of ARCore didn’t go out until September.

However, that 4.17 update did include experimental support for Google Tango, the company’s AR tech platform that gave rise to ARCore.

For more details on what’s included in Unreal Engine 4.18, check out the full post on the company’s blog.

This article originally appeared on Gamasutra