Learn to build better robots with the power of VR at XRDC this October!

Robots will be everywhere within a few decades, and virtual reality is one of the key tools designers are using to help build them smarter.

Learn how at XRDC in San Francisco this October, where Nvidia senior VR engineer Omer Shapira will be presenting a Safety track talk on “This Machine Has No Brain, Can It Borrow Yours?” that you won’t want to miss!

You’ll enjoy a deep dive into the growing trend in human-robot interaction to design and test in VR – not just the robot behavior, but the looks and mechanics.

This talk covers lessons learned in three years of developing human-robot collaboration using virtual reality; Shapira will walk you through VR experiments in teaching a robot motor skills and game rules, as well as using VR and simulation environments as a safe debugger for high-risk scenarios. Don’t miss out!

Of course, this is just one of the many enlightening and inspiring sessions planned for XRDC at the beautiful Fort Mason Festival Pavilion in San Francisco, so sign up now to reserve your spot a great price!

This year there’s an all-new XRDC pass for sale: the Startup Pass, specifically designed to give smaller teams and trailblazing startups a clear path to success at XRDC at nearly half the price of the regular pass.

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