iOS tool ARKit lights a creative spARk in creators

Apple has introduced the new tool ARKit which will be launching officially with iOS 11 in the fall. ARKit creates an augmented reality experience using visual intertial odometry (VIO) to track the world in conjunction with camera sensor and core motion data.

With ARKit, iOS 11 devices can analyze the environment within camera view and detects horizontal planes in the area (like tables or floors) and can track and place objects on smaller feature points as well.

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Since two versions of the iOS 11 beta have been released to developers, many of them have been using ARKit to create important content such as this:

Outside of balancing objects on dogs, ARKit has also been used as a vessel for creative jokes:

Pups and plays on words aside, the practical use of ARKit has also been demonstrated through interior design “what-ifs” and future digital/tabletop game examples:

While ARKit is still being explored, these developers have certainly stARted to generate interest for the toolkit in the AR community.

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