HTC Subscription Service Viveport Adds More Titles to its Library

HTC’s subscription service Viveport recently added over 75 new titles to its library, bringing the amount of original content available for subscribers to more than 150 VR experiences.

Launched back in April of 2017, the service charges a monthly fee of $6.99 and allows consumers access to five titles of their choice, which can range from VR games to tools like Google’s Tilt Brush.

Each month, subscribers can opt to switch out their library and swap out titles or keep ones that they have already chosen. Viveport is available in 30 countries, with 12 new titles being released in the West.

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The addition of new titles to the Viveport service could help alleviate the concerns around the lack of content within the VR space, especially given the amount of variety offered to consumers. Aside from games there are tools that allow for users to create things, interact with friends inside simulated social environments, and watch short films.

Along with in-app purchases, this will also give developers more opportunity to monetize their content, offering a new channel that has the potential to reach a wider audience and generate more revenue.

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