HTC releases 6DoF VR headset exclusive to Japan

HTC has announced the arrival of HTC Link, a new smartphone-based VR headset exclusive to Japan that features head movement with six degrees of freedom (6DoF) tracking.

Set to work with the company’s newly released smartphone, the HTC U11 is bundled with two compatible controllers and a spec camera which will track player movement since the Link headset will not house the U11 smartphone.

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The company has stressed that the Link is not a Valve product, which means the kit will not utilize Vive’s lighthouse stations which would normally be used in conjunction with Vive controllers to get a sense of the world space and offer haptic feedback for the player.

Valve partnered with HTC to make the Vive and released the headset back in 2016, where it has since grown to become a leading top-end VR system.

HTC Link VR is the first standalone headset released which features 6DoF tracking, which means that the headset will not only track your head movements as you look around, but it will track your position as you move your body physically inside a virtual environment.

Most smartphone-based VR headsets on the market support 3DoF, making the HTC Link one of the few devices we’ve seen that is capable of handling 6DoF.

In an announcement made last week during the Google I/O developer conference, it was revealed that HTC had partnered with Google to create a standalone VR headset running on Daydream to create devices that will also feature headsets 6DoF tracking. Because of that, there do not seem to be any plans for the HTC Link to be released outside of Japan.

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