Facebook and Supercell team up to bring Clash of Clans Builder into AR

To commemorate the 5 year anniversary of Clash of Clans, Facebook and Supercell have collaborated to bring game character the Builder into AR using Facebook’s AR studio.

Using the Facebook camera players can put themselves into the perspective of the Builder and have his features superimposed over theirs, or switch views to place the character in the real world no matter the location.

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“In as little as five years, Supercell has built one of the most vibrant game communities in the world through Clash of Clans,” said Leo Olebe, director of global games partnerships at Facebook. “Using the AR Studio tool on Facebook’s Camera Effects Platform, Supercell is giving Clash fans a chance to celebrate and become a character most deserving of some love.”

Facebook’s AR studio is currently in beta, available for developers and artists to create interactive overlays and effects to be used in tandem with the company’s Camera Effects platform. This can range from a simple frame to a fully 3D mask that responds to facial gestures.

Now, through Facebook AR, the Builder can appear wherever in the world players place him. To follow his chronicles, check out the Clash of Clans blog here. It seems like he’s building a pretty solid foundation for some interesting AR-chitecture.

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