Discover the design process behind notable VR games at VRDC Fall 2017

Virtual Reality Developers Conference organizers are highlighting a series of VRDC Fall 2017 talks for attendees who may have missed out on the initial announcements.

There are lots of interesting sessions taking place this year, so we’ve put together a list of great talks under the Games and Entertainment Track which showcase ground-breaking work in game development, filmmaking, and entertainment in VR/AR.

If you’re coming to VRDC Fall 2017, which is happening September 21-22 at a bigger, better venue in San Francisco, you won’t want to miss these panels!

Attend VRDC Fall 2017 to learn about immersive games & entertainment, brand experiences, and innovative use cases across industries.

For VR developers interested in hearing about the lessons learned during the development of Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality, this talk will feature tons of early development videos and failed prototype interactions. Come learn of the horrors of building portals, interacting with characters in room-scale, zone-based teleportation, and managing performance. Attendees will take away multiple real-world lessons of production gone right as well as gone wrong that can be applied directly to their own VR projects!

Come hear about how Vertigo Games maintained a target of 90fps while making an immersive and realistic game in the process!  For programmers who wish to learn how some features of Arizona Sunshine and Skyworld have been made in Unity ranging from low-end to high-end PC’s and Playstation VR, this session will cover how to profile and optimize a VR game with Unity and how you can use that to deliver a more immersive VR experience.

To those familiar with the Tilt Brush application, This talk will touch on a large variety of topics  from VR design concepts to scaling a live product, to the trials of independent-turned-corporate development. It will also take a look back on 3 years of development and discuss the origins, early development, company acquisition, launch, and continued support of the product. It’s sure to be an inspirational session, so don’t miss out!

Lastly, for the developers hoping to gain insight on the three-year development and consequent success of a 2D and VR game, this session will discuss how Cyan laid out the foundation of generic VR systems during 2D development to ensure a successful transition to VR system engineering, assumptions made that hurt or helped VR development during the emergence of new VR hardware, and how lessons learned will help lay out the groundwork for future VR titles’ success.

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