Big Immersive to become dedicated VR and AR publisher

Big Immersive has formally announced its arrival to the games industry, and spelled out its desire to become a dedicated VR and AR publisher.

The company was established in November 2016, and has already published three titles: Agelore’s FantasyCity Traffic Control VR, and Love Cubed VR. Despite being active for almost a year, the firm had been flying under the radar until now.

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“Our intentions are clear; to curate and deliver incredible content to consumers on the devices that matter to them.” “said Big Immersive CEO, Jawad Ashraf.

“We’re working hard with our internal teams to deliver what we believe is the next leap forward in mixed reality entertainment, and are actively looking for potential partners to forge new relationships with in the years ahead.”

The publisher has headquarters in the UK and Dubai, and also runs a first-party development studio in Lahore, Pakistan.

The global outfit plans to distribute titles across all PC, mobile, and console VR platforms, and says it will focus on offering “real support” to devs from concept to release.

This article originally appeared on Gamasutra

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