Attendee Spotlight: Roman Chemerys of BidOn Games Studio

VRDC 2017 isn’t just about the speakers — it’s also about networking with your peers and making meaningful connections that can further your respective businesses, and the immersive computing industry at large.

Roman Chemerys is Co-Founder of BidOn Games Studio. Here, he explains his role in the industry, and who he hopes to connect with at VRDC 2017.

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Tell us about yourself and your work in VR/AR/MR.

BidOn Games Studio provides services of mobile game and app development, as well as AR/VR development for various platforms using Unity/C#. Our customer are small and mid-sized companies who face a lack of in-house resources. We’re working with companies all over the world.

BidOn Games Studio has been started over 5 years ago. It used to be a small startup with big ambitions and a great desire to create interesting games. Thanks to the diligence, attention to clients, constant improvement of skills, attendance of conferences we were able to attract new customers and implement the whole range of interesting projects.

Today the total number of employees of BidOn Games Studio is more than 50 people, including five senior, three middle and two junior Unity developers, three 3D artists/designers, two 2D artists, as well as QA engineers.

What excites you most about VR/AR/MR?

Just like in any emerging technology, the whole potential of VR/AR/MR still remains uncovered. These technologies have a lot more to show therefore our company is constantly pushing the boundaries of the expertise in this field. Being listed as one of the top VR/AR developers according to the proves our desire to explore the potential of AR and VR in different fields and industries.

Can you tell us about projects that you are currently working on or are planning?

As an outsourcing company we’ve successfully developed a whole range of AR/VR projects. Currently our company is developing a VR multiplayer game called Droid Warswhich was inspired by the American TV series BattleBots. 

The participants of the show create their own robots and fight with on a real arena. There are several restrictions when it comes to the construction of robots: now explosives, no firearms, no toxic liquids or gases and so on.

In Droid Wars players can fight with their friends or create a team and participate in a world championship to prove all that their team and droids are the strongest in the world. Players can customize the arena (obstacles, traps, special decoration with the clan symbols) and receive challenges from other teams.

The game is still in development but it features ramps, bonus boxes, and cabin with remote control for the player, as well as tribunes for spectators.

Who would you like to meet at VRDC Fall 2017?

We hope to meet people and business owners who are passionate of game development as well as AR and VR technologies. Could be great to share some experience and discuss the latest achievements and future opportunities.

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