Attendee Spotlight: Melissa Isom, VR/AR biz-dev consultant with the Quebec government

VRDC 2017 isn’t just about the speakers — it’s also about networking with your peers and making meaningful connections that can further your respective businesses, and the immersive computing industry at large.

Melissa Isom works as a business development consultant for the Quebec government. Here, she explains her role in the industry, and who she hopes to connect with at VRDC 2017.

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Tell us about yourself and your work.

I am not a developer.  I work for the Quebec Government as a business development consultant.  I specialize in working with companies in the video game, AR/VR and visual effects industries.

For the most part, I try to create connections between the Quebec companies in these industries and potential partners, customers and opportunities in the U.S. This could be by introducing Quebec providers of animation or art services to developers in the U.S. who are looking for these kind of services or it could be Quebec developers looking for distribution partners.

The Quebec games industry is well established with more than 140 games studios and an associated number of related services; by combining an expertise in video games with that of the 30-plus visual effects houses in the region, the Quebec AR/VR industry has really begun to take off. It is my goal to explore opportunities to connect the growing number of AR/VR companies in Quebec with partners and opportunities here in the U.S.

What excites you most about VR/AR/MR?

The potential experience now is so much more immersive than previous attempts.  The applications for this technology are boundless.

Can you tell us about VR/AR/MR projects that you are currently working on or are planning? (project overview, objectives, target audience, industry, etc.).

We are hoping to highlight a variety of interesting use cases for immersive experiences.

Some of the studios in Quebec have launched really interesting projects, such as the following:

Felix & Paul, 5th Wall Agency, and Minority Media.

Who would you like to meet at VRDC Fall 2017?

I would like to meet with companies interested in partnering with Quebec developers to bring new VR/AR/MR experiences to life as well as developers looking to outsource art and animation, QA or other services.

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