AR specialist Leap Motion opens new design research studio

Virtual and augmented reality specialist Leap Motion has cut the ribbon on a new design research studio in London.

The company is best known for its hand tracking software and hardware, and has pioneered new tech like the Interaction Engine, which attempts to make virtual interactions function in a way that “satisfies human expectations”

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Leap Motion’s new office will be lead by virtual and augmented reality filmmaker Keiichi Matsuda, who has also been made VP of design and global creative director.

Matsuda’s team will work to bridge the gap between the digital world and our own by defining “the core user experience for the next generation of mobile and all-in-one headsets.”

“Virtual and augmented reality are at a critical point in their evolution,” explained company CEO, Michael Buckwald.

“With the rapid adoption of VR and AR over the next few years within industries, and integration into how we live, work, and play — it is essential that we lay the groundwork for a magical user experience through a unified design philosophy.

“We can’t predict what everyday life will look like in the future. What we do know is that technology will completely transform the world.”

This article originally appeared on Gamasutra.