AMC partners with Dreamscape Immersive to bring VR into theaters

AMC Entertainment has announced a partnership with the Los Angeles based startup Dreamscape Immersive that will bring VR to its theaters starting in 2018.

The $20 million investment by AMC will be used to bring up to six Dreamscape Immersive VR centers to the United States and United Kingdom.

Some of these VR sites will be built within existing AMC locations, while others will be standalone instillations. The plan is to utilize open floor plans in its theaters, each offering 16 feet by 16 feet of walkable space surrounded by railing.

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An article by The Verge describes the process behind Dreamscape’s location-based VR experiences, which utilizes motion tracking technology developed by Switzerland-based company Artanim. Users wear a head mounted display and small sensors strapped to the hands and feet, along with a backpack that contains a computer and motion-tracking cameras.

At the end, users are presented with a digital avatar who can be seen inside the VR environment. The digital avatar can then interact with the physical and virtual environments to create an incredibly immersive illusion. Most notable is the ability for Dreamscape’s VR theaters to accommodate up to two to six people in an experience.

As of now, Dreamscape has not announced any content partnerships or specific titles. However, it presents a lot of possibilities for the future.