343 Industries created a Halo VR experience for Windows Mixed Reality

Microsoft’s flagship Halo series is making its VR debut, only not as a full-fledged game. Instead, 343 industries has developed a short VR experience for Microsoft’s upcoming line of Windows Mixed Reality headsets.

The app itself is called Halo Recruit and drops players into a lightly explorable environment populated with characters, weapons, and vehicles from the Halo games.

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The experience is only five or so minute long, but it provides developers with an example of how games and the universes behind them can be adapted to the new technology.

Halo Recruit is only one of the many Windows Mixed Reality apps launching on October 17 to help new users dip their toes into the world of mixed reality headsets. Developers interested in the tech should also take a look at the recently announced SteamVRsupport coming to the headsets. Currently, that program is only in closed preview but information about it can still be found over on the Windows Dev Center developer portal.

This article originally appeared on Gamasutra.