15 VR, AR, and video game startups join MIT’s Play Labs summer tech accelerator

MIT has revealed the first round of VR ,AR, and video game-minded startups set to participate in its Play Labs tech accelerator this summer.

The program itself aims to jumpstart companies that use what MIT describes as ‘playful technology’ across a slew of industries, including in eSports and video game spheres.

For some developers, accelerators and incubators like the MIT Play Labs can be a useful way to gain access to beneficial funding and mentorship.

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While this particular program isn’t currently taking applications for its next round, there’s still a lot developers can learn about emerging tech by keeping an eye on this kind of event.

Fifteen startups are included in the first batch of participants, including some focused on VR pets and games, AR/MR applications and tools, eSports, and online games. Those fifteen will receive an initial investment of up to $20k, mentorship, and access to a team of speakers and advisors. Following the program itself, participating startups are eligible for a possible second investment of up to $80k as well.

This first Play Labs session runs from June to August 2017 and will offer a ‘Demo Day’ at the end of the session for investors and other parties curious about the tech created by the first round of Play Labs participants.

More details on those participants and the Play Labs accelerator itself can be found on the program’s website.

This article originally appeared on Gamasutra

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