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Safety Track

XR opens up possibilities to keep people safer and protect expensive equipment from damage or misuse. It allows for the development of contextual knowledge in dangerous or difficult to replicate scenarios. Safety precautions can be understood more quickly and information can be relayed in real time to help prevent everything from factory floor collisions to extreme edge cases like explosions and fires. Attend talks in the Safety Track to learn how many industries are applying XR design to improve safety and efficiency.

XRDC 2019 Session Highlights

Haptics for XR
Gijs den Butter (Sense Glove)

In this lecture the audience will learn about different types of haptics and how to implement them into XR projects, using real examples from Sense Glove's training and process analysis. The speaker will take an in depth look at using haptic technology for training purposes and provide a demo to illustrate the importance of incorporating touch into XR experiences. The audience will leave the session inspired by what haptic technology could mean for the future of XR.

Risk Assessment in XR Design: Stolen from the Space Program
Jim Toepel (Independent)

Jim Toepel, former Rocket Scientist and current Game Designer will show you how the failure-mitigation techniques of the aerospace industry can be applied to individual AR products and the industry as a whole. This session will introduce the concept of Failure Modes and Effects Analysis in the context of Manned Spaceflight. From those learnings, Jim will apply them to the broad challenges facing AR platforms and products as well as provide examples on how FMEA guided the design process of 'Mindshow' and his other early AR design efforts with Kinect.