XRDC | VR / AR Innovation Track

Innovation in AR / VR / MR Conference Track

Learn from experts breaking ground on the frontier of XR development in the Innovation Track. Hear in-depth lectures and panels illustrating how augmented, virtual, and mixed reality has the power to influence how we connect and engage with the world around us. Be inspired by innovative applications of immersive experiences across industries including construction, retail & commercial, industrial design, and more.

XRDC 2018 Session Highlights

The Holodeck is Here...Now What?: Advanced Interactions for Room-Scale VR
Devin Reimer (Owlchemy Labs)
Andrew Eiche (Owlchemy Labs)

Since the onset of consumer virtual reality, room-scale VR experiences have expanded beyond the living room and into virtually every industry. Since pioneering early standards for VR interaction, Owlchemy Labs has new insights about the latest best practices for room-scale VR. Learn from the team behind 'Job Simulator', 'Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality', and the upcoming 'Vacation Simulator' as they cover several topics - including advanced interaction with objects and characters, zone-based teleportation, accessible design, and more - that anyone doing VR development can apply to their current and future projects.