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Healthcare Track

Doctors, researchers, scientists and patients alike are rapidly adopting XR applications to evolve healthcare as we know it. XR is revolutionizing treatment and therapy, improving quality while cutting costs, and reducing risk during procedures. Attend sessions in XRDC's Healthcare Track to hear from developers, meet innovative healthcare practitioners, and identify business opportunities and partnerships in this rapidly-growing sector.

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Session Highlights

MRI Simulator: Using Biofeedback Loops to Reduce Anxiety in Children
Shachar Weis (Co-founder and CTO, Packet39 Inc.)

Undergoing an MRI is a frightening experience for children. The process demands that the patient remains still, in spite of the loud noise and confined space. Many patients require sedation, which carries its own inherent risks and high cost. The Packet39 team developed a VR MRI simulator for kids, to reduce anxiety and the need for sedation. It combines elements from game design, immersive technologies and biofeedback to help patients train before the scan, and remain calm and still during, improving image quality and shortening the scan duration.

In this session, panelists will discuss VR for healthcare in general and pediatrics specifically, and discuss the hurdles, successes, and failures the Packet39 team faced while bringing their VR MRI Simulator to market.