XRDC | Healthcare AR / VR / MR

Healthcare AR / VR / MR Conference Track

Applications for augmented, virtual, and mixed reality promise to improve healthcare delivery and outcomes, providing innovative training and data solutions for healthcare providers, and immersive treatments and therapies for patients. AR, MR, and VR solutions are a natural extension of the development of technology and growth in healthcare data, with rapid adoption and a strong market outlook.

Immersive Medical Care with VR/AR and Virtual Humans
Arno Hartholt | Director of R&D Integration, USC Institute for Creative Technologies

Virtual Reality for Treatment of Phobias
Jennifer Hazel | Doctor, Executive Director, CheckPoint Organisation

Digital Medicine: Creating Great VR Healthcare Content
Christina Heller | CEO/Co-Founder, VR Playhouse

Immersive Tech in Merck Labs
Zach Pinner | Innovation Specialist, Merck