XRDC | Education & Training AR / VR / MR

Education & Training AR / VR / MR Conference Track

The Education & Training AR, VR & MR track is dedicated to bringing forward the most innovative and exciting advancements in AR, VR & MR training and educational applications. Hear from experts creating immersive, interactive learning environments and discover inventive educational approaches to making students and trainees more engaged and able to grasp everything from abstract concepts to practical, technical skills. Attend to be inspired by the work of others, learn about new advancements in the space, and apply them to your own business objectives.

How AR is Transforming the Building and Construction Industries
Scott Montgomerie | Co-Founder/CEO/CTO, Scope AR

Mixed Reality for Space Exploration
Nathaniel Guy | Lead User Interface Developer, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

VRTK and How to Make Developing for VR Easier
Harvey Ball | Developer, VRTK

Why Virtual Reality and Machine Learning Are Good for Science
Aldis Sipolins | Head of Virtual Reality and Game Design, IBM Research