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Brand Experience Track

XR elevates brand immersion to a whole new level, allowing companies to create and share a comprehensive brand experience, helping to strengthen support from existing customers and develop new audiences from prospective customers. In the Brand Experience Track, learn directly from teams of creative developers and commercial experts about how their brands are applying XR tech to develop unique and exciting experiences that not only leave the viewer excited about the brand, but excited to share their experience with their social network.

XRDC 2018 Session Highlights

Mastering XR for Automotive
Chris O'Connor (ZeroLight)

This session will take an in depth look into the design, development and challenges encountered in the creation of various automotive XR experiences, including VR and AR projects for international brands like BMW, Porsche, Toyota, Nissan, Audi and Pagani. It will give an understanding of how such enterprise visualization solutions have been able to succeed while integrating perfectly with the client's brand activities and retail infrastructure.

Learning to Do Design Thinking for Immersive Experiences
Doug North Cook (Chatham University)
Kat Harris (Microsoft)
Kyle Vaidyanathan (Unity)
Clorama Dorvilias (DebiasVR)
Andrew Eiche (Owlchemy Labs)

This panel will explore the ways in which the methods and processes of design thinking can be used to help create compelling immersive experiences. Panelists will share concrete examples of how their design process works, how they interact with users during testing, and how they iterate on early prototypes.